Varun Das | Director

Extreme Athlete | Musician | Entrepreneur | Part Time Superhero


Country of Origin – India

Current Location – Mumbai/Dubai


Starting his career as a professional musician, with the rock band Modern Mafia and performing at some of the coolest music festivals around, Varun moved into adventure sports for a whole new set of kicks. Racing touring cars, playing paintball, mountain biking, racing motocross and snowboarding became more than just a hobby which eventually turned into a really fun job. With his “I’ll try anything attitude” and his monk like calmness and focus in any situation, Varun brings a mix of out of the box thinking and professionalism to all his ventures.

I grew up in a big metropolitan city in India where the regular movie, restaurant & mall visit were the only things we could do for fun. Adventure sports was limited to a bunch of badly setup paintball fields. I grew up watching a whole lot of extreme events like the X-Games and always wanted to do the stuff they did but no one around me was going to set it up with the quality & safety standards I wanted. So I just figured out how to do it myself. After a lot of trial and error as well as a long list of injuries, it’s really amazing to have setup my own company and work alongside some really talented people. I’m glad that I have a really fun job.


Nadiaa Chumanchenko | BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – UAE

Traveller | Snowboarder | Artist | Ex Super Villain


Country of Origin – Ukraine

Current Location – Dubai


Insatiable reader, painter, sports enthusiasts, a great marksman, video games addicted and a true friend. Well that’s how Nadiia’s closest friends would describe her. Growing up in Ukraine, Nadiia has always strived to be independent and professional. From her first steps in the Geo-location business development in Ukraine to setting up her own business in Dubai and later working in HR, Nadiia is a well-rounded professional.

Collaborating on new ideas and ambitious projects always gave me the energy and drive to grow personally and professionally. Working in adventure sports combines adrenaline and creative ideas. I’m always ready for the next big project: it will be a blast!


Chaitanya Mohan | Head of Production

Film Maker | Writer | Musician | Neolithic Ninja


Country of Origin – India

Current Location – Mumbai


Leaving behind a career as a pilot, Chaitanya decided to follow his passion of making movies. With a mind that can never be at rest, he keeps coming up with various concepts possibilities and ideas. From working in television, film and then writing for a music magazine, he has dabbled in various departments of video production and writing at the foetal stage of his career that has given him the experience and enabled him to know how a video is made from start to finish. Chaitanya’s out of the box thinking and experience in his field combined with his calm and composed demeanour on shoots allows the entire team to function with a positive energy and efficiency.

I love telling stories. I don’t care about the where and the how. If there is something that can be filmed, I will find a way to bring it to life. Being a Muay Thai enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated with extreme sports. The blood sweat and tears every athlete puts in to present their best is seldom known to everybody, and maybe no one will know about it. But the idea of taking what they have to offer and giving it to the world in a way that will make everyone want to know, gives me a purpose. And even if I’m far from accomplishing it, I believe I’m on the right track.



Extreme Athlete | Extreme Course Designer & Builder | Video Production | Aspires to fly on a pig


Country of Origin – Canada

Current Location – Beijing


Growing up on a mountain resort on Canada’s West Coast, Doug was introduced to Extreme Sports at a young age and quickly gravitated towards Snowboarding & Mountain Biking, Doug found the freestyle aspect of each sport the most interesting and could be found in the terrain park in the winter and at the dirt jumps in the summer. Also loving the construction aspects of both these disciplines Doug quickly became a mountain bike trail builder as well as a snowpark builder.  After finishing his post-secondary education Doug decided to move to China where he had many successes building both snowparks and mountain bike trails.

I just really like getting rad! Snowboarding and mountain biking were outlets to channel my energy and creativity and I liked them so much I found a way to turn them into a job. Building courses, summer or winter, gives me great joy because it is a way for me to create something that everyone can ride and enjoy and allows me to share my passion for these sports with other people.



Extreme Athlete | Adrenaline Junkie | Fitness Enthusiasts | Jungle Boy


Country of Origin – India

Current Location – Lonavala


Imran has never been afraid to try anything Extreme. The pursuit for next adrenaline rush has taken him across many sports like motorcycle stunt riding, snowboarding, paragliding to even freeride mountain biking. His “bring it on” attitude helps him push for that next Adventure at every possible opportunity. He likes to use his fitness as a tool to archive his goals in all sports.

I have always been interested in extreme sports. Going out and exploring something new and adventurous for me is freedom in its true sense. Adventure is like a drug, the more you do it, the more you need it. I like to push the limits and boundaries to see how far I can go and get away with it.


Savio Pontes | Project Manager

Traveller | Music Lover | Biker | Interning with the Avengers


Country of Origin – India

Current Location – Mumbai


Savio discovered his Mojo a little late in life. The normal jobs were never made for him and that’s why he had a tough time staying at a desk job for more than six months to a year. He first started work in Customer service, then moved into a back office job, later shifting into automobile sales, fast food and then got into Adventure sports.

It took me 8 years to understand what I was missing, almost like Salman Khan in the movie Kick. Finally after getting into adventure sports, it feels right, I feel like I belong here. I’m a biking, I love travelling and I realised my hobbies got mixed with my work which was fun and exciting.

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