Adventure Attractions


Off-Road racing

With our years of experience racing touring cars, motocross bikes, ATV’s and dune buggies, we now help setup some of the best off-road racing facilities in the country.

Water Sports

Jet skis, kiteboarding, surfing, paddle boarding…we got it all! We setup some of the best water sports facilities as well as provide full training.


Military Simulation Paintball

We setup the best indoor paintball battlefields in India. One of our themed setups have included a bank robbery theme with a real bank vault, computers, a cash counter and just about everything that’s part of a real bank, where players have to steal bags of cash out of the vault to win the game. For detailed info check out our paintball

Tactical Laser Tag

We’ve launched a state of the art laser tag system that works for every age group. From the tactical systems with a electric shock pain penalty for the big boys, paintball laser tag for the families and the superhero kit for the kids so they can feel like Iron Man. For detailed info check out our Laser Tag brand


Indoor Climbing Walls

Our indoor climbing walls come in a variety of cleverly designed sizes for the optimum space management and each one is a people magnet. From preschool kids to adults with the little kid still in them, everyone loves the physical and mental challenges of a well designed climbing wall which brings them back time and time again.


Inspired by military training courses, our new rope courses offer a variety of challenges for novice and advanced thrill seekers.



Our Indoor skate parks and skate shops setups are designed for just about anyone, from a beginner, intermediate to even professional skateboarders. Skate parks are a great way to get kids and teenagers involved in adventure sports at an affordable cost.


With years of experience riding some of the craziest mountain biking trails around the world, we now design & setup some of the best indoor & outdoor cycle pump tracks. The tracks are designed for riders with varied skill and experience levels. If you can ride a bike, this is the most fun you can have without driving down to the hills.

Here’s a few of our partnered setups in China.
Outdoor Pump Track –
Indoor Bike Park –



A spring-loaded urban playground with a wide range of things to do for kids, teens and adults, a fantasy land for free jumping and all that’s made possible when hard surfaces are replaced with circus-grade sponge and spring. Packed with lots of high octane, extreme, fun things to do whether you’re practicing your parkour moves, perfecting your aerial sports techniques or with kids and the family, its all about jumping high, and landing soft and safe. Imagine over 100 interconnected trampolines and 500 square meters of padding & foam to land on. Trampoline parks are popular all over the world and is a great way to keep fit. Dodge ball is always fun, no matter how old you get.

Adventure Lifestyle Property

We have the best adventure video productions, adventure lifestyle equipment on our online store & a whole list of extreme experiences across Asia. For detailed info check out our Adventure Lifestyle brand


Dual Ziplines

Ziplines are a lot of fun & it’s even better when you have a buddy along side you though the experience. We setup some of the best single & double ziplines with the highest safety & quality standards. All our equipment is imported & our setups officially certified.

Mountain Biking Trails

If you’ve got a whole bunch of open land and wondering what to do with it, we design & setup some of the best mountain biking tails for just about any skill level. It’s a great add on to any camp site or outdoor activity setup. There isn’t any better felling than letting all your stress disappear while riding though scenic outdoor trails.


Entertainment Attractions


Themed Restaurants & Cafes

We design, setup and also provide full operational support for some of the best themed cafes. The cafes include a state of the art operating ecosystem, new age designs and some of the best interactive gaming systems.


Escape from a prison, diffuse a bomb or just get into the mind of a mad man who’s got you locked up for fun, we have it all. Mentally stimulating but also physically demanding, our escape room concepts take it to the next level.



We have some of the best sports simulators on the market from 360 degree cricket simulators with live motion tracking and commentary, 20 never seen before soccer simulators for both indoor & outdoor use as well as best in line skiing, golf, rifle shooting, archery, darts, basket ball, table tennis & lawn tennis simulators.


Our six degrees of freedom (6-DOF), driver and hardware in the loop, motion-based simulators are trusted for their realism and accuracy. Each simulator can be modified to exact specifications, from the look of the hardware – whether our basic, open cockpit or a full production car interior – to full vehicle characteristics. Suspended on hydraulic actuators, our simulators simulate positive and negative g-forces, close to those experienced during a real race.

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